Over this weekend we will be running our ever popular growing on competition. Whilst the format remains the same each year we endeavour to make improvements and adjustments to keep it interesting for our regular customers.  
As with last year we will have the same number of new fish available both Saturday and Sunday (approx 200) as this worked well to prevent over crowding and gave an equal opportunity for customers who could not make Sunday. It also gave the chance for some of our most keen regular customers to choose fish both days and double their chances of winning.  
The prize will be as before, full purchase price refunded together with £100 of quality food. 
Again we will have a prize for the biggest increase in growth and the most improvement in quality This year for our customers that would prefer higher grade or more breeder specific varieties in the competition we will have a selection of koi not previously offered for sale in our retail area. When purchased the koi will be grown on for the duration of the competition in a pond separate from the main competition fish and will have their own dedicated prize for the most growth or improvement of quality. The purchase price refunded together with £100 of the same food they have been fed on.  
Koi in this section of the competition will be as follows :- 
Golden corn from Tanaguchi priced at £245, £395 & £795 
Showa and gin rin Showa from Sakuma £220 
Kohaku and gin rin Kohaku from Matsanoske £195 
Showa from Isa £325 
Ki-Utsuri from Otsuka £325 
Hi- utsuri from Shinoda £325 
Over this weekend we will have specially discounted prices on food for cooler temperatures in preparation for Autumn and winter. They include JPD Shogun & Medicarp, Cloverleaf multi season & wheat-germ, Hikari Multi -season and Po -line Wheat germ, Aquasource Multi-season. 
Will be running our customary free raffle with the prize being a £500 voucher redeemable for koi of the winners choice. 
Mark will be running our ever popular bbq for both days of the special koi weekend days. 
We desighn and build all types of ponds from formal water features up to small lakes. However we are best known for our high quality specialist koi ponds. We can supply fully itemised quotations and are now taking bookings for 2024 so if you are thinking of building a new pond or improving your current pond contact us or view examples of our completed projects on our web site www.avenuefisheries.com or on our Facebook page “Avenue fisheries Japanese koi”. We also undertake filter upgrades and refurbishment as well as routine or seasonal pond maintenance.  
We have been at the forefront of koi quarantine for over 40 years and for the last 20 years have operated a fully bio secure quarantine area. We quarantine all koi we import from Japan for a minimum of 8 weeks and subject them to heat ramping 4 times, this combined with our close links with Japanese breeders and our membership of “Japan Koi Dealers Association” enables us to hopefully offer for sale the healthiest koi possible. 
We will be returning to Japan to purchase higher grade koi from the Autumn harvest during October and early November. We have been going to Japan since 1980 and have made over 60 visits, this combined with our membership of the Japanese Koi Dealers Association and close links with Japanese breeders allows us to source some of the best quality and value koi. We are able to source and specify koi that our customers require by sending pictures and videos to you whilst we are in Japan allowing you to choose directly from the breeders in real time. Please contact us for details and with your koi requirements. 
This year our annual Christmas open day will be on Saturday December 3oth when koi purchased by us during the Autumn harvest will be able to be viewed for the first time having completed their quarantine period. We will also be running a free bbq from 9am to 4pm with donations to “LUPUS UK” a charity very close to our hearts. 
We thank you for your custom during 2023 our 48th year as a full time Japanese koi only retailer. 
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