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OPEN 9AM TO 5.30PM BOTH DAYS - 28th and 29th September 
Over this weekend we will be running our ever popular annual growing on competition. We will have available 250 high quality small koi all of which were born in June of 2018. The koi available have been selected from the following breeders :- Teradomari, Ofuchi, Sakai, Miyazaki, Hiroi, Yamazaki and Seitero.  
These fish have not been previously displayed in our retail area and will be priced between £35 and £275. All koi will be photographed and measured and any koi purchased will be kept in our indoor growing facility at 24 degrees c until Easter 2020 then cooled and made available for collection.  
The owner of the koi with the greatest increase in growth and also the owner of the koi showing the most improvement in quality will have their purchase price refunded and receive a free 2kg tub of Avenue fisheries growth food and a 2kg tub of Takazumi growth & colour food also 2kg of Medicarp. This is the same mix as they were fed during the growing period.  
Last years winning fish for development of quality was a doitsu Sanke bred by Hiroi. The winning fish for growth was a Gin rin kohaku bred by Teradomari which grew by 11cm. 
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