Over this weekend we will be running our ever popular growing on competition. To allow more space for viewing the fish and to help prevent too much crowding we have doubled the size of our undercover area and added 2 extra show vats to display the special grow on competition koi. 
We will have available 250 high quality small koi all of which were born in June 2019. the koi available have been selected from the following breeders - Aoki, Hiroi, Marusaka, Miyatora, Takahashi, Yamazaki, Seitero, Teradomari, Shinoda and Ofuchi.  
These fish have not been previously displayed in our retail area and will be priced between £35 & £185. All koi will be photographed and measured and koi purchased will be kept in our indoor facility at 24 degrees c until Easter 2021 then cooled and made available for collection.  
The owner of the koi with the greatest increase in growth and also the owner of the koi showing the most improvement in quality will have their purchase price refunded and receive £100 value of the same quality food used during their growing period. Last years winning fish for growth was a Yamabuki bred by Seitero that grew by 13.5cm which was 3.5cm more than the average growth achieved over the 250 fish. The winning fish for development of quality was a Doitsu Sanke bred by Hiroi. 
We will have a good selection of quality koi on display in the retail area for the first time over this special weekend. These will include :- 
50 High grade 18/25cm Tategoi Shiro utsuri bred by Matsunosuke @ £145 
50 High grade 20/25cm Purachina and gin rin purachina bred by Yamazaki @ £65 
50 Hukashi Ogon 20/25cm bred by Marudo from jumbo bloodline 
30 Various 35/40cm Bred by Ofuchi priced between £265 and £365 
200 Doitsu go sanke 15cm @ £25 bred by Shinoda 
Subject to being unsold the following koi will be on sale at special discounted prices on the 3rd & 4th October weekend only. 
Qty Variety Size Breeder Current price Sale price 
100 Mixed variety 12/15cm Various 15.00 10.00 
200 Mixed variety 15/18cm Various 20.00 15.00 
200 Mixed variety 15/20cm Various 25.00 15.00 
200 Mixed Variety 18/23cm Various 35.00 25.00 
100 Doitsu mix 18/20cm Hiroi/ Miyatora 50.00 35.00 
100 Mixed variety 20/25cm Seitero 45.00 35.00 
100 Mixed 25/30cm Ofuchi/Seitero 65.00 50.00 
100 Mixed 35/40cm Various 165.00 145.00 
50 Mixed 35/40cm Ofuchi/Seitero 265.00 225.00 
We will have for this weekend only special discounted prices on a selection of larger and high grade koi. These include the following subject to being unsold. 
Variety Size Breeder Current price Sale price 
Showa 58/60cm Maruyama 795 500 
Yamabuki 58/60cm Seitero 795 500 
Showa 55/57cm Yagenji 895 500 
Doitsu Kogain 62/63cm Seitero 895 500 
Kohaku 62/63cm Maruyama 1195 700 
Ochiba 55/56cm Ofuchi 795 500 
Hariwake 55/56cm Ofuchi 825 700 
Kohaku 40/42cm Maruyama 695 395 
Kinshowa 38/40cm Tomezo 450 300 
Showa 43/44cm Maruyama 595 395 
Over this weekend we will have special discount prices on foods for cooler temperatures in preparation for Autumn and Winter. These include :Cloverleaf & Yamitsu Wheat germ, JPD Shogun & JPD Multi season. 
We will be running our customary free raffle with the prize being a £500 voucher redeemable for koi of the winner's choice. 
BAR -B-Q. 
For both Saturday & Sunday Mark will be running a Bar-b-q from 9am with tea, coffee and cold drinks available. 
We design and build all types of ponds from formal water features up to small lakes. However we are best known for our high quality specialist koi ponds. We can supply fully itemised quotations and are now taking bookings for 2021 so if you are thinking of building a new pond or improving your current pond contact us or view examples of our completed projects on our web site www.avenuefisheries.com or on Facebook page. We also undertake filter upgrades and refurbishment as well as routine or seasonal pond maintenance. Please contact us for details. 
We have been at the forefront of koi quarantine for over 40 years and for the last 20 years have operated a fully bio secure quarantine area. We quarantine all koi we import from Japan for a minimum of 8 weeks and subject them to heat ramping 4 times, this combined with our close links with Japanese breeders and our membership of the Japan Koi Dealers Association enables us to hopefully offer for sale the healthiest koi possible. 
We thank you for your custom during 2020 our 45h year as a full time Japanese koi only dealer. 
We look forward to seeing you over our special growing on weekend 
Our next open weekend will be our Christmas/ New Year event on Saturday 2nd January when fish purchased during the Japan Autumn harvest will be on display for the first time having completed there 8 weeks quarantine. On this Festive Saturday we will be running a BBQ with mulled wine and mince pies. The BBQ will be free with any donations given going to Macmillan charity. 
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