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July is Jumbo Tosai Month

For this July we have for sale 90 genuine Jumbo Tosai tategoi from four of Japan’s most highly regarded breeders: -

40 x Hoshikin 30/35cm Kohaku £225
18 x Dainichi 30/35cm Showa £375
10 x Maruyama 35/40cm  Kohaku £545
6 x Sakuma 40/45cm Sanke £395
10 x Maruyama 30/35cm  Kohaku £225
6 x Sakuma 35/40cm Sanke £245

All the above were chosen as female and were personally selected by the breeders for their future potential development.

Free Jumbo Tosai Tategoi Prize

For each one of the 90 jumbo tosai purchased we will give one draw ticket. At the end of July we will make a random draw from these numbers and the holder of the lucky number will have the choice of either of the two koi photographed below. Both these fish have been left in Japan to grow on in the breeders mud ponds. The prize includes the koi selected and one-year breeders “growing on” fee of 30,000yen. Both koi are female and have a price if purchased from us of £1450 including the keeping charge.

Maruyama Kohaku Tategoi


Sakuma Sanke Tategoi

When we visit Japan for our autumn buying trip we will see the winners prize fish harvested, measured and photographed. We will have the option to leave the fish in Japan for a further year for an additional breeders keeping charge of 50,000yen (normal fee for keeping 2yr old fish) or have the fish shipped during November with our autumn harvest shipment. We will keep your fish for a minimum of 6 weeks in our Bio-secure quarantine facility (free of charge) following the Professional Koi dealers Association protocol.

We also have a number of high-grade fish growing in Japan available for purchase including the following six Sakuma jumbo tosai tategoi Sanke - £1450 each including 1 year’s “growing on” charge.

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